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Whatever means to emphasize a lack of restriction referring to anything or amount, no matter what. It's hard to imagine a world with "lack of restriction. " In all of my experience on this planet I've never not known restriction. As a child, my mother had rules that restricted me from doing certain things. As an athlete I was restricted from behaving a certain way because I was held to a higher esteem

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Problems or Promises

I am in constant prayer, but recently I had a revelation about the construction of my prayers. I found myself talking to God and reminding Him of the problems I was facing. I am only man and a father of three, but I can imagine how annoying that could be especially to The Father of all. Constantly talking about our problems will leave us with a hole in our spirit.

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Creating Your Personal Altar

Creating an altar space is one of the most meaningful and significant actions you can take to phenomenally transform your spiritual life and find peace and alignment. You've seen altars in churches, mosques, or temples, and homes. You've heard grandma and television evangelist saying phrases like “laying or leaving it on the altar” or “going to the altar in prayer”. So what is an altar? 

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