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Creating Your Personal Altar

Creating an altar space is one of the most meaningful and significant actions you can take to phenomenally transform your spiritual life and find peace and alignment. You've seen altars in churches, mosques, or temples, and homes. You've heard grandma and television evangelist saying phrases like “laying or leaving it on the altar” or “going to the altar in prayer”. So what is an altar? An altar is a sacred space where you go and intentionally meet The Divine. It is a place to commune with our spirit guides, ancestors, and angels. An altar is where our heart's burdens can melt like ice in the hot sun of a summer day in Texas.  It can be a place of meditation that restores and realigns but also a space for gratitude for the light that ignites our souls. It lifts vibrations and can change your frequency within minutes. Simply put, it is beautiful, not only to the eye but to the soul. 

So, how do you create a sacred space of your own? In short, there is no wrong or right way to create your personal alter. It's indeed personal and should be intuitively led. I started my alter in a wooden box. Yes, a wooden box the size of a shoebox.  No bells, no whistles. Inside I placed special photos of my transitioned grandmother, a candle, dried petite roses, and crystals. I also placed written letters The Divine expressing my dreams and desires, goals, and even shortcomings. These were my heartfelt letters to God. Written prayers and thank cards. Then I began to receive messages through Spirit to add interesting items. A small bowl of spring water and a feather. It was important to me to let spirit guide me in this creation rather than a YouTube video. I wanted authenticity not duplication. 

After a suggestion that I make this shoebox altar a physical space, I decided to do a little research. What an epiphany to discover that I had added elements of FIRE, WATER, SPIRIT, and EARTH without being told and only following Spirit. Over time I’ve added other items such as honey to symbolize the sweetness I desire in life, fresh flowers such as baby’s breath and roses for beauty, herbs, and oils such as frankincense to carry my prayers. I’m lucky enough to have my alter space in my bedroom and I often find myself gazing at the flicker of the candle. It’s a reminder for me to trust the Divine and that we are never alone. The Great Spirit, our angels, and ancestors are always watching over us, clearing the path, and whispering in our ear to guide us through this life experience. 

 If you desire to create a beautiful location where you unfold your heart, release traumas of the world, and petition for your dreams, LET SPIRIT GUIDE YOU. You can never go wrong. 

8 Tips Creating an Altar Space: 

  • Let SPIRIT guide you!
  • Create by intuition 
  • Set an intention for the type of altar you would like to create 
  • Place it in a comfortable space for sitting. 
  • Use items that hold significance to you i.e family photos, flowers, letters 
  • Candles are always a great start 
  • Bless and cleanse your space with sage, palo santo, Florida water, or holy water, 
  • Enjoy! 

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