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Prosperity Box
Prosperity Box

Prosperity Box

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A great way to begin the New Year, our Prosperity Box includes:

* 1 Blue Sage Stick
Blue Sage clears negative energy and invites blessings. Scientifically proven to kill negative ions in the air, the ancient practice of smudging instantly raises the vibe in our body and space.

* 3 Palo Santo Sticks
Known as "Holy Wood" Palo Santo is used much like Frankincense and Myrrh. The sweet woody smell is excellent for welcoming your angels and ancestors into your space.

*Meditation/Divination Tea
Our Mediation/Divination Tea is excellent for gaining clarity on your New Year's intentions and resolutions. This tea contains loose-leaf black tea blended with chamomile, rose hips, and elderflowers were chosen for their ability to give you a clearer vision and a calmer spirit. Tea makes approximately 15+ servings using 1/1.5 tsp and ships with 15 eco-friendly disposable tea bags.

Arrives in our trademarked Scarab Logo Box.